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Deposit Rates


TypeMinimum to OpenMinimum Average to Obtain YieldDividend RateAPY**
Regular Shares$5.00$150.00.25%.25%
Share Account$0.00$150.00.25%.25%
Smart Saver$0.00$5.00.25%.25%
Business-DBA w/ Soc. Sec #$5.00$150.00.25%.25%
Live and Learn$5.00$5.00.25%.25%
Juvenile Shares$5.00$5.00.25%.25%



TypeMinimum to OpenMinimum Average to Obtain Yield Dividend RateAPY**
Business - DBA w/ Soc. Sec. #$0.00$500.06%.06%
Share Draft$0.00$500.06%.06%
Senior Draft $0.00$500.06%.06%
ACH Only$0.00$500.06%.06%
Fresh Start$0.00$500.06%.06%
Live and Learn$0.00$250.06%.06%


Clubs $5,000 Maximum

Christmas$0.00$5 - $5,000 max.75%.75%
Vacation$0.00$5 - $5,000 max.75%.75%


Share Certificates

60 - 365 Day$500$500.60%.60%
18 month$500$500.75%.75%
24 months$500$500.90%.90%
36 months$500$5001.30%1.31%
48 months$500$5001.40%1.41%
60 months$500$5001.50%1.51%
Live and Learn$250$250


** APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Effective 02/05/2018-Rates subject to change.
Call to confirm.