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Identity Fraud Reaches New Heights Over 15.4 million Americans become victims of fraud in 2016.*

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on fraud—chip credit and debit cards, greater awareness, stronger passwords—fraudsters still find a way to grab your personal information. It’s evident; fraudsters are divisive and unrelenting in their methods to gain access to your accounts, and your good name. Once your information is in their hands, fraud happens! The Solution Using an identity theft protection service is the best way to minimize threats and protect your personal information from being misused. Doing this not only gives you added convenience and peace of mind, but also provides more advanced identity theft protection than you can achieve on your own. Not All Identity Protection Solutions are Equal Identity theft can take many forms, from stealing your complete personal information to fraudulent transactions showing up on your credit report. It’s important to use an identity theft protection service that monitors comprehensive activity. Here’s why:

Early detection of fraud greatly reduces financial, emotional and legal burdens.

People who use a comprehensive monitoring service have more control over the safety of their family and their identity.

Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union has partnered with SHERPA® Identity Protection to provide this critical protection service to our members.  SHERPA® is powered by the leading provider of global identity protection and fraud detection technologies. Their service goes beyond standard credit monitoring to include a multi-layered approach to protecting identities—credit monitoring, internet surveillance, lost wallet protection, full-service identity and credit restoration, and up to $1 million in insurance protection.

You can trust in Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union and SHERPA® to help keep your personal information protected.

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*Source: Javelin Strategy press release, February 1, 2017