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Scams & Fraud Alerts

SCAM ALERT!! September 28, 2020 – We were notified today by a member about an email he received that was suspicious in nature. The email appeared to come from Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union, but the body of the email contained information that did not correlate to his account.  The email contained a toll-free number and what appeared to be a link to our website, however, neither were valid.  Please be advised that any legitimate email from us will not request your personal information.  Also, we will never send you a link to verify any information.  If you receive such an email, please do not click any links, delete the email and contact us immediately.    

SCAM ALERT!! March 6, 2020 – We received a call today from a non-member living outside of PA who states he was contacted by someone at Franklin-Oil Region Credit Union trying to sell him an extended warranty. It appears someone has been able to clone our phone number as the number that appeared on his caller ID was 814-432-4091.

Please be advised that we only offer warranties at the time of an auto loan closing and will NEVER call you in an attempt to sell an extended warranty. If you receive such a call, DO NOT give out any personal information! Hang up and contact us immediately.